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TANDEM South Shore



More than a company in construction, we are two dynamic, versatile, innovative young entrepreneurs in constant evolution. That is how, five years ago, we enhanced our service offering by adding disaster recovery services.

A natural collaboration was established with TANDEM from the very first experiences as we shared family values and business vision with them. So much so that we decided to join the TANDEM family by becoming a TANDEM franchisee, adhering to a banner whose reputation is well established.


We are two young associates who have worked hard to acquire our skills, and achieve our entrepreneurial goals, specializing in commercial and residential renovation, working in the sector for twelve years and on our own, in business, for nine years.

As a franchise, we are novelty, determination, and trust. Between youth and experience, we have a well-balanced team, which stands out for its availability and the exceptional quality of its work. With 20 employees to serve quickly and efficiently, more than 50 pieces of specialized equipment to meet all demand and 4 emergency vehicles, we have the flexibility and capacity to serve the territory, deploying excellence in each of our interventions.

And this is just the beginning of our story...

Fabrice Perras-Beaulieu et Pier Luc Bérubé

At your service

  • Personalized interventions
  • 24/7 Service
  • Availability and efficiency
  • Security of the premises
  • Restoration of property
  • Complete cleaning always

Fabrice Perras-Beaulieu, president
Pier Bérubé, vice-president
and a team of twenty dedicated employees who are committed to bringing you back to the comfort you are used to enjoy.


Undisputed specialists in disaster recovery on the South Shore

With their dynamism and versatility, and armed with state-of-the-art equipment, our competent and empathetic professionals are there to alleviate your worries when delicate or unfortunate situations arise on the South Shore of Montreal. They intervene in case of flood, fire, natural disaster, accident, vandalism or other. They ensure that you are safe and that your belongings are recovered quickly and efficiently.